AHA|SA Corporate Partner

Why your company should become a corporate partner?

A corporate partnership provides your company with a plethora of valuable opportunities to network with key decision makers and promote your goods and services to the hotel industry. Our partnership arrangements are very well structured to reflect the AHA SA brand strength in South Australia and our influence and networking capacity. 

Our membership includes all major hotel groups and our AHA SA Council reflects some key individuals in the Hotel Industry. Of the 627 licensed hotels in South Australia we currently have around 500+ members (over 80%) including traditional pub style venues, larger accommodation hotels, general facility licenses, small venues and independent bottle shops

The Corporate Partnership Package for 2019 2020 explains the levels of support available and how supporting the hotel industry through partnership with the AHA|SA can benefit your business.  

The marketplace is highly competitive. To ensure your products and services are a step ahead of the rest become a corporate partner of the AHA|SA. 

If you are interested in Corporate partnership, please make contact with us so we can start the conversation CLICK HERE