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While membership of the AHA|SA provides individual hotel businesses with many advantages, it is also vital to the future of the hotel industry in this state.
Because the AHA|SA has a large and growing hotel membership base, it can legitimately and effectively represent the industry and provide considerable benefits, including:

  • Providing comprehensive advice and assistance to individual hotel members;
  • Lobbying all levels of government on industry-wide issues; and
  • Negotiating service and supply contracts for all hotel members.
  • The work of the AHA|SA is clearly recognised by people within the hotel industry.

Member Hotels represent a broad cross-section of metropolitan and regional businesses, including pubs, accommodation hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.

If you would like to become a hotel member of the AHA|SA and thereby strengthen your industry, while having access to a range of exclusive membership benefits, please click here. For more information about the benefits of being an AHA|SA member, please see the brochure below.

If you are a corporate business wishing to become involved with the AHA|SA and hotel industry, then your enquiry is in regard to a Corporate Sponsorship. For more information, click here