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How it all began
The inaugural Women in Hotels Conference was held 1994 - a result of the growing demand for a gender a specific educational and inspiring network. The Conference was a wonderful opportunity to recognise the immense contribution of women to Industry and building their networks. This event kick started regular events and has assisted in the development of many friendships and careers.  Women in Hotels has evolved into a strong community of likeminded people, hoping to achieve success and happiness in a hard-working industry.

Women in Hotels Network
The Women in Hotels Network aims to lift the acceptance of women in business and raise the profile of women in the Industry. At the same time it provides the opportunity for the women to develop and strengthen their networks, gain support and ideas from each other, and participate in wonderful training opportunities.

A significant outcome of the network is the opportunity for the women in the industry from both the City and Country to share experience and ideas. This undoubtedly benefits individual businesses and the Industry as a whole.

Women in Hotels Conference
The Women in Hotels Conference is a biennial event with presentations and workshops from a selection of speakers and industry professionals. The keynote speaker is a high profile Australian, invited to inspire, educate and encourage. Keynote speakers have included Ita Buttrose, Dr Rosie King, Heather Swan, Sara Henderson, Dr Fiona Wood and Dawn Fraser.

Women in Hotels Committee
The Women in Hotels Committee consists of current female AHA|SA members representing different hotels, either as owners or managers. The committee meets regularly at alternating venues with the following key objectives:

  • To discuss and analyse issues affecting women in the hotel industry;
  • To circulate relevant information to women in hotels on issues of interest;
  • To encourage a long-term, supportive network between women within the industry;
  • Investigate and coordinate ongoing seminars, forums, networking sessions to maximise the involvement of women in the industry; and
  • Make recommendations to the AHA|SA Council on issues of concern to the committee

For all Women in Hotels enquiries, please contact the AHA|SA on 08 8232 4525 or to send an email enquiry click here...