Pub Leadership Program

Pub Leadership for enhanced business performance

Understand how to drive performance through your people

Your people are key to a successful hospitality business.  Do you understand how to manage them as effectively as your other assets?

This successful program, now in its 5th year with over 300 participants has been designed to give you the leadership understanding and skills to measurably improve your business performance.

Gain the insight into your leadership style, strengths and areas for development that will enable you to get the most from your team.

Our workshop is tailored to the specific requirements of leadership in pubs. It is interactive, engaging and challenging and underpinned by proven leadership principles, practices and strategies.

Get the answers to your leadership questions:

  • How can I communicate more effectively to give my team with direction and clarity around goals?
  • What are my leadership options to improve team performance?
  • What is a practical way to understand ‘why people do what they do’ that enables me to influence/change behaviour?
  • What is my leadership style and how does it impact others?
  • How can I better define, communicate and hold people accountable for their performance?

No dates are scheduled for 2018.

Registration for each course date will open 4 weeks prior to training.  Members will be notified when registrations open and will be provided with a booking form to complete and return to the AHA|SA.