Simone Douglas, Social Media AOK - Duke of Brunswick Hotel, Adelaide

SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP 4 - Thursday 19th July, 9.30am-11.30am    


Would you like to know how online activity can be used as a weapon to increase the foot traffic through your venue doors?
Look no further!  Let Adelaide’s leading social media trainer give you practical tactics that you can employ today to capture the attention of your patrons and pull them through the door.

  •          Writing social media copy that makes people move their feet
  •          Involving your customers in your campaigns by rewarding them
  •          Incentivising your staff to drive your online review strategy
  •          Leveraging the use of Facebook through Events, Offers, and broadcasting LIVE to your audience
  •          Making sure your Instagram location has been created, and using stories with geotags
  •          Where Snapchat fits in the modern-day pub’s marketing toolkit
  •          And finally, connecting social media metrics to in-venue foot traffic, to tie it all together