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The hotel industry is no doubt facing its greatest challenge in its history. Whilst many of our members have had no choice but to cease to trade, there are also many SA Hotels that are continuing to trade with takeaway food and liquor and in innovative ways that suit them.

We would like to hear from our members that are continuing to trade – we want to capture the resilience, innovation, positivity and community spirit of the industry!  

We would also like to show the community that many SA hotels are still open for business and still need the community’s support! It is also an opportunity to thank the community who are still supporting the industry.

We will use this information on our social media feeds, website, industry publications such as Hotel SA, and for general PR.

Please send a short video AND/OR an image of you or your staff with a short message:

  • Name of venue and name of person – very important!
  • How has your business adapted? How have you been trading?
  • How are you feeling at this time?
  • How have you, your staff, your customers shown their support?
  • A message of thanks to the community for their support during this time
  • A simple THANK YOU message or photo is good too! Give the community a thumbs up for their support!

Please EMAIL or TEXT this information to Lucy or Katherine at the AHA|SA

Lucy Randall      0421 702 227     
Katherine Taylor 0413 233 208                                                                          

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Please see below handy tips for making videos.

Lucy Randall                                     
Manager – Events and Sponsorship 

Katherine Taylor                              
Manager – Communications and TAA(SA)

Handy Tips for shooting videos on your iPhone

#1 Shoot in airplane mode.

If you don't, a phone call, or notification will interrupt your recording

#2 Orient your phone horizontally.

Most people hold their phone vertically when shooting video. Unless you want black bars on the side of your video, hold it horizontally.

#3 Record test footage especially if you're self shooting.

Shoot 5 – 10 seconds of video and check the shot to make sure it looks as you desire. Once you are happy with the shot, you're ready to record.

#4 Frame your shots using the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is a composition rule that uses a tic-tac-toe like grid as a guide to frame your subject.  Place the subject along the guide lines and your shot should look more professional.

#5 Record in a quiet place.   

Smartphone microphones are super sensitive to background noise so be sure to be close enough to the phone that it can hear you and ensure there isn’t big groups of people and loud music playing in the background or the audio will be lost.