82% of Live Music in SA is in Hotels and Pubs!

Music SA has released the 2016 Live Music Census 2016, and it’s again a fantastic acknowledgement that traditional pubs and hotels provide 82% of live music in Adelaide. That’s up from 80% in 2015 - Brilliant!

Music SA Live Music Census - HIGHLIGHTS:


• 1101 gigs were presented in May 2016

• 208 venues hosted live music

• Hotels provided 899 gigs across 153 venues – (81.6% of gigs and 73.5% of venues)

• There were 23 gigs across 6 Entertainment Venues, 47 gigs in 13 Clubs, and 36 gigs in 6 Restaurants

• Only 2 small venue licences had live music, hosting 4 gigs across the month (that’s up from 1 venue & 3 gigs in 2015).

• Gigs were 33% original and 67% covers

• The suburb of Adelaide provided the most live music

• Adelaide City provided the most live music

• 14 of the Special Circumstances Licences were Hotels

For more information, see the documents below.

Live Music Thinker Martin Elbourne

Claims that hotels are hurting the live music industry in South Australia are far from accurate. In fact, the Live Music Thinker Martin Elbourne said Adelaide has too many! SA actually has more venues that other states by head of population – but fewer bands and less public support for those acts. This video helps put perspective and accuracy into the live music debate.

Live Music Adelaide from AHA|SA on Vimeo.