National AHA Pre-Budget Submission Feburary 2016

The national AHA has prepared a Pre-Budget Submission. The Key items from those submissions are listed below:

  • Removal of various regressive taxes should be included as compensatory measures for increases to the GST
  • In the event of any increase to the GST, that the current principle of neutrality on gambling be retained
  • The 2015 decision to abolish the tax free threshold for working holiday makers be reversed so as to encourage more backpacker tourism and assist with the supply of labour in seasonal areas particularly.
  • Restoration of reasonable entertainment expenses as a tax deduction and the removal of FBT on staff business meals
  • The recent accelerated and depreciation and reduced company tax rates be available to businesses of all sizes
  • The government ensures that it modernises the tax system to ensure it maximises tax revenue from the digital and unregulated economy, as paid by “bricks and mortar” businesses.
  • The Federal Government take action to ensure that the “unregulated share accommodation economy” adheres to the same regulatory regimes and taxation as the regulated accommodation industry.
  • The Federal Government take action to prohibit wagering with illegal offshore wagering operators so as to retain leaked wagering revenue within Australia
  • Strongly advocates retaining the existing differential rates for low, mid strength and draught beer
  • The government consider introducing differential excise rates for wine and spirit bulk alcohol products consumed on premise