Make Music Day Australia

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Make Music Day Australia is coming on June 21 and you are invited to participate! Mark the date in your calendar.

Make Music Day is an international celebration of music. People in more than 800 cities take music into the streets, parks, plazas and businesses of their home town.

With 142,000 Australasian businesses under licence to use their members' music APRA AMCOS is drumming up support for Make Music Day Australia.

For creative entrepreneurs, the day can give you a boost in customer numbers, a shot of publicity and a chance to show support to the local rich and diverse musical community. 

How can you get involved? Here’s some ideas from APRA AMCOS:

Live music at your Hotel. Off the back of Make Music Day, do a social media shout out to find musicians who would be interested in performing at your venue! If you have limited space you can check with the local council and neighbouring premises to see if performances could be set up outside right by your entrance. This will surely attract some more patrons through the door. Don’t forget to share all the information through social media. All gigs big and small can be registered in the Make Music website

DJ for a Day. Get creative and bring 'a club' to your venue for one day. Research proves that playing music in a bar or pub, can encourage customers to stay longer, spend more and visit more often as well as positively influence their level of enjoyment.

Make sure you take some pictures and share them online using the hashtag #makemusicday

For some extra PR, you can register your event at

For more information about APRA AMCOS visit