AHA|SA face-to-face training re-commences in July 2020

The Commissioner has advised that as of 1st July 2020 face-to-face training can practicably and safely occur having regard to social distancing requirements and any directions that were in place.

Just to remind members, on  the 26 March 2020 the Commissioner made the following determinations:

  • Gaming managers and employees will not be required to complete Basic or Advanced training while gaming venues are not operating.  Those staff who resume work after the restrictions are lifted and gaming operations resume will be required to complete their outstanding relevant training course within 3 months.
  • Gaming managers are exempt from completing Further Advanced Training, and gaming employees are exempt from Advanced Training, until 20 September 2020.

The 19 scheduled Virtual FURTHER Advanced Gaming courses to 30th June are full and we thank those members who took up the opportunity.

Moving forward, the AHA|SA will continue to send out FURTHER Advanced Gaming training CBD course dates on a regular basis to all members.

Please check our website for next available Basic Gaming , Advanced Gaming  and FURTHER Advanced Gaming training courses.

If venues have multiple staff to attend  we strongly encourage you to book them over various course dates rather than being booked in the same course date.  Please remember to complete the enrolment form on behalf of your staff member , filling all details needed, and one form per person.

Regional FURTHER Advanced Gaming will also be planned in the coming months and members will be advised.

If you have any queries please contact Liz Turley the AHA|SA Training Coordinator on 8232 4525