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Do I need to apply to receive my second round of funding? 

Yes you do.  That should be done through the portal on the Department of Treasury and Finance website that you have used before in relation to previous grant applications.

I haven’t received my first round of funding.  What should I do? 

You will need to make application for this amount at the same time as you lodge the application for the second funding amount.

I received my first round of funding but only received $3 000 and it should have been more?  What should I do? 

You should make application for the shortfall in payment through the DTF portal when you apply for the second payment, or at any time.

We only commenced operations and therefore have no previous figures to meet the reduction in turnover criteria.  Can we apply for the funding anyway? 

Yes you can.  You should apply through the DTF portal on their website and explain your situation.  The rules have now changed to include businesses that were not previously operating.

To access the guidelines and the application portal, please click here:


Can I still have a wedding or other function at my venue?

Yes, but there is no longer the concept of a “private function” under the current Emergency Declaration. That means that weddings and any other function are subject to the same rules as any other attendance on licensed premises. All indoor activity must be seated consumption subject to the 1 in 4 density requirement, and outdoor activity must also be seated consumption subject to the 1 in 2. There can be no dancing or singing.

Can there be dancing at weddings?

The bridal couple and the official members of the bridal party can have a bridal dance at a wedding. The bridal party is generally considered to be the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the parents of the bride and groom. This is the only dancing allowed at weddings.

I have been presented with a mask exemption certificate by a patron or staff member. Can I accept this exemption?

Mask exemption certificates or documents must be personal to the holder. A generic “exemption card” or “digital exemption certificate” should be questioned and may not be genuine.

What are the requirements for gaming rooms?

For venues with gaming, the capacity within the designated gaming area is 1 person per 2 square metres (50%) (excluding staff) where all players are seated. Masks must be worn except when consuming food or beverage. Consumption must be seated. A reminder no communal food or beverage areas.

For all other indoor areas on the licensed premises, the density capacity remains at 1 person per 4 square metres (25%) with seated consumption only.

Can I have karaoke in my venue?

Karaoke is permitted in venues as long as the performer is wearing a mask.

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