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As a valued member of Australian Hotels Association (SA), we would like to update you on the Always respect, always DrinkWise campaign we are supporting during the AFL Gather Round in South Australia, helping set expectations and encourage responsible behaviour amongst those drinking at licensed venues or purchasing alcohol from bottle-shops.

DrinkWise has produced the digital images to prompt customers to think about their behaviour when consuming alcohol. These materials are purposefully subtle but engaging so that the messages don’t ‘parent’ customers but make it clear that socialising in a respectful and responsible way is expected, particularly if consuming alcohol.

This initiative is important and has government and police support – it also needs yours.  Please ensure these digital images are included in high rotation on your screens in your venues in the lead up to and during Gather Round. You can also print out the posters and place in photo frames on your bar or pin to notice boards, display on the back of toilet doors and other highly-visible, highly-trafficked areas to ensure they are seen by customers and guests.

Members can access digital copies of the posters below.

We appreciate your support in this important partnership to promote a healthier and safer drinking culture.


DrinkWise Gather Round JPEGs for Digital Screens
DrinkWise Digital Poster Portrait
DrinkWise Digital Poster Landscape

DrinkWise Gather Round Poster 
DrinkWise Gather Round Poster (A4) Portrait - no crops
DrinkWise Gather Round Poster (A4) Landscape - no crops

Posters with crops for those who may want to print out posters:
DrinkWise Gather Round Poster (A4) Portrait with crops
DrinkWise Gather Round Poster (A4) Landscape with crops

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