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The Cancer Council of SA has launched its campaign aimed at banning smoking in outdoor ‘alfresco’ areas - where food and drink is served - including footpath and internal ‘beer gardens’.  The move by the Cancer Council is not entirely unexpected in light of moves for similar legislation in Victoria and given the SA State Election in March 2014.

The Health Minister Jack Snelling also released a Government discussion paper on 9 August 2013, entitled “Smoke-Free Outdoor Eating and Drinking Areas”.  Submissions to the Discussion Paper are due by 1 November 2013 and the AHA will be making a submission.

This Discussion Paper was launched as a part of a raft of health related measures and cuts to State Budget spending including cuts to tobacco mass media advertising campaigns.

The AHA has not been approached for public comment but argues that most licensees already offer a mixture of smoking and non-smoking in outdoor areas to meet the needs of their patrons and that further legislation is not warranted.

For a copy of the Government’s Discussion Paper and associated media releases, please see the links below: