Unregulated short-term accommodation

TAA campaign against unregulated accommodation

Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) has called on governments at all levels to act against non-compliant accommodation providers who are putting guests’ safety at risk, threatening jobs and contributing nothing to the Australian economy.

TAA has made submissions to Federal and State Governments to introduce legislation to require the registration of rooms that are let on a commercial short term basis by individuals.

In the submissions, TAA argues that there had been an explosion in the number of unregulated accommodation providers in Australia due to the rise of easily-accessible online distribution channels such as Airbnb, which is reported to already have over 35,000 rooms in Australia for rental.

TAA is calling for Federal, State, Territory and Local governments to agree on a national system requiring the registration of premises that are used for commercial short stay accommodation so that they meet a range of health, safety, tax and regulatory requirements.

For a copy of the TAA submission, please click on the link below.