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About AHA|SA

The Australian Hotels Association (South Australian Branch) was established in 1871 and is an integral part of SA’s hospitality and tourism industry. The Association represents and protects the commercial interests of hoteliers throughout South Australia.

The Association consists of a qualified team of experts who are able to provide advice on a range of topics, including legislative changes, licensing, gaming, industrial relations, insurance, responsible gambling and community liaison.

The AHA|SA enjoys one of the highest profiles of any professional body in SA and is nationally recognised for our political and industrial lobbying.

AHA|SA members range from small country pubs to five-star hotels and resorts. There are 630 hotels in SA.

The Association’s mission is to encourage, foster and promote the pursuit of excellence in service, facilities and management practices among members for the benefit of the industry and the community of SA.

Hotels are divided up according to regions and each region has at least one elected representative on the Council. Councillors represent 19 different regions in SA. Accommodation hotels also have a presence on the Council in the form of the Accommodation Division Chairman.

Once elected, the Council then appoints its senior office-bearers, President, Vice-President, Deputy Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. The Council also determines which Councillors make up the Executive Council. Each member hotel nominates a proxy who has the right to vote in annual Council elections.