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Hotels have a long and proud history of helping the community. The support given to charities, sporting clubs and community groups by hotels in SA is more than $9 million annually (figure obtained from McGregor Tan Marketing data).

This could be anything from a small donation or meal voucher for a school raffle to more significant fundraising initiatives for charities. It could also be the pub being the major sponsor of the local football team - local hotels play their part at all levels.


The Independent Gaming Corporation Ltd (IGC) is a not-for-profit company that provides a centralised monitoring facility for the management of gaming machines in South Australia.  IGC provides grants to community projects.  AHA|SA through ‘Pubs with Heart’, facilitate the community grants program by identifying and liaising with applicants throughout the application and grant process and providing recommendations to the IGC Board.  All funding is provided by IGC from monies derived from monitoring fees paid by operators of licensed gaming venues in South Australia.


Projects are funded by the donations program of Independent Gaming Corporation (IGC), which monitors licensed hotels and clubs in South Australia.  ‘Pubs with Heart’ assists IGC in identifying and facilitating opportunities to make positive changes in the broader community through its community grants program.

IGC may have regard to the following when deciding whether to approve a grant.

  • Projects should be accessible to people from across the State.
  • Only one application per organisation will be considered in any twelve-month period.
  • Projects can be a "once off", or over a longer term. Support will be provided for up to 12 months.
  • Projects should reflect a high standard of integrity and identify the specific area of the community who will most benefit from assistance.
  • Whether the project utilises the existing infrastructure of the fundraising organisation to coordinate and promote the funding of the project

Preference will generally be given to causes that:

  • can demonstrate assistance to those sectors in the community that are in some manner historically 'disadvantaged'. For example, priority will be given to projects that support children, young people, physically and/or intellectually disadvantaged people, health-related programs, and community-based projects.
  • require funding of up to $10,000.
  • benefit a charity or community organisation directly, without going through an intermediary.

To apply for IGC funding through "Pubs with Heart" please use the Application Form below, or for further information or assistance please contact the AHA|SA on 08 8232 4525 or click here. Applications are considered throughout the year.